Mollo supports Giro d’Italia 2022

Date: 27/06/2022
Title: Mollo supports Giro d’Italia 2022

Mollo Supports Giro D Italia 2022

Construction equipment rental company Mollo Noleggio has taken part in the 2022 Giro d’Italia cycling event, providing aerial platforms from which key stages of the race were televised.

The truck mounts are escorted by a Mollo Noleggio 4x4 pick-up during the Race in Pink parade
Mollo’s truck mount and its 4×4 pick-up truck escort during the Race in Pink parade. (Photo: Mollo Noleggio)

Known as the Race in Pink (Maglia Rosa), the three-week-long race started in Budapest, Hungary, and finished in Verona, Italy, with competitors covering a total distance of 3,446km over 21 stages. 

Mollo Noleggio, an official partner of the race, supported the race with a 4×4 pick-up truck and a 13m aerial platform for the event’s official parade caravan – both specially decorated in race colours for the occasion. 

The company’s specialist rental branch Mollo Servizi, which aerial platforms with operators, also provided truck mounts for the Giro d’Italia. With maximum working heights of 21m and 68.5m, the platforms were used at the arrival point of each stage of the race for TV broadcasting.

Mauro Mollo, President of Mollo Noleggio, said, “It was an honour to participate as an official partner in the Giro d’Italia, an event that has always been able to unite an entire nation under a unique jersey, the Pink one.

Camera crew on a truck mount filming the race
Specialist operators ensured camera crews could capture the race. (Photo: Mollo Noleggio)

“Despite what you might think cycling is a team sport, as in any team sport you only win with the support of the whole team and being a team also outside the competitions is equally important.”

In addition to having several rental branches in cities along the event’s route, Mollo was also had stands set up at the ‘Open Villages’ at the start and finish of each stage of the race, where its hosted customers, suppliers and partners.

“We wanted to associate our brand to safety, a topic which has always been paramount for us,” said Mollo. “Safety is very important for those who deal with the rental of vehicles and equipment, as it must be for those who use the machines.” 

Mollo Noleggio Giro Italia 2022
The 65-m-high truck towers over one of the event’s Open Villages. (Photo: Mollo Noleggio)

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