Vertical electrical height 8 meters

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Mollo Noleggio has a wide range of aerial platforms to meet the working needs of its customers. These include vertical electric platforms for work up to 8 m high, available in the double version with a width of 76 cm or 81 cm.

The extreme compactness and the narrow turning radius make these vehicles the ideal solution for moving in narrow corridors, passing through standard doors and positioning in the areas of most difficult access. Equipped with an electric motor with zero emissions and silent operation, they are suitable for working in sensitive indoor environments: office buildings, shopping malls, museums and schools, industries, hospitals…

It is possible to request short or long term rental.

All electric vertical units are supplied at hire complete with manuals and European certification.

On request, on this type of product are also available the rental service with operator and training courses with the issue of a license required by law (Legislative Decree 81/2008 and smi).


Height translation
Nacelle extension
Battery life throughout the working day
Suitable for indoor work on flat surfaces
Max inclination 3°

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