Mobile bathroom rental for every need.

Mobile chemical toilets are the perfect solution for all those work or leisure situations, when it is not possible to use fixed structures, for short or long periods.

The chemical toilets are made of eco-sustainable materials in compliance with the standards. Those are available in various versions and sizes, with sink and internal light.

Cleaning and sanitizing are carried out directly by our operators with the use of products against viruses, bacteria and fungi. This is authorized by the Ministry of Health.

They provide for the aspiration of waste water and their subsequent disposal in authorized purifiers,with sterilization , with internal and external cleaning,with the reintegration of consumer products.

Our service aims to offer innovative solutions in line with the needs of our customers, by improving the quality of their lives, and by allowing access to sanitation facilities in all places. Even when other solutions are not possible, our services protect people’s health and respect the environment.

Consolidated Act 81/2008, requires the presence of adequate sanitary facilities both on temporary and mobile construction sites.

In the world of construction and major works, there are rules that must be met. As an example with specific legislative obligations with regard to safety.
Article 96 requires employers to provide clean sanitary facilities and portable toilets in sufficient numbers in proportion to the number of workers.

Through constant attention to quality of service, continuous and professional assistance and the use of innovative products, Mollo Noleggio is able to guarantee very high standards and different solutions to meet the needs of the most different construction sites in various contexts: construction sites, road and motorway, naval, aeronautical, plant engineering.

Chemical toilets are also essential within industrial production sites, for example in the steel, textile, food, mechanical, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Mollo Noleggio staff will choose the mobile bathroom that best suits your company’s needs and the location in which to install it. There are aspects of fundamental importance that can be evaluated together with Mollo Noleggio staff.

In the agricultural sector, large crops and extensive agricultural areas may require the placement of mobile toilets for workers engaged in cultivation activities.

Needs that also concern agricultural funds, greenhouses, stables, forestry areas, livestock, rural infrastructure, nurseries, farms, collection places.

The portable bathrooms and the service of Mollo Noleggio are the best solution for those places without sanitary facilities. Also ,the portable toilets are a good solution for facilities not big enough in order to accommodate a large number of people , as an example: sports events, concerts, street festivals, parties, festivals, markets, weddings.

The success of an event requires a complete planning and excellent organization . It is also a matter of organising all activities and the necessary equipment,by including attention to the choice of the number and type of bathrooms. You can choose between standard and disabled, whether it is a small village festival or a large event with a high turnout.

And then… Mollo Noleggio is everywhere, where there is a need for a chemical bath: parks, gardens, beaches, squares, markets, mountain huts, railway stations, bike paths, parking lots and all those areas with a large influx of users, both for leases of a few days and many years.

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