“Do it yourself - Rental 24/7”: a new service by Mollo Noleggio

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The company based in Alba (Piedmont, Italy), leader in the rental of machines for aerial lifting, earthmoving and construction equipment,industry and agriculture, is launching a new service for its customers: the collection and return of vehicles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via smartphone. An innovation for the Italian rental market, once again signed by Mollo Noleggio.

“Do it yourself – Rental 24/7” is the new service that Mollo Noleggio makes available to its customers. It is a solution that aims to digitally innovate the customer experience and guarantee maximum operational flexibility, combining the efficiency of digitized automation with Mollo’s strong know-how in the field of equipment rental.

In fact, with this service, the most important Italian rental company answers to new and diversified needs of customers: they now have the advantage of being able to collect and return the vehicle  quickly and easily, at any day and time.

But how does “Do It Yourself –
Rental 24/7″ works?

The service is very simple: is possible to book the vehicle via smartphone, after downloading the Mollo Noleggio APP available for Android and iOs and usable from smartphones and tablets. Customers will receive personal credentials directly on mobile phone to collect and return the vehicle autonomously, even outside the company opening hours, for example during the weekend, early in the morning or in the evening.

During check-in and check-out, users must follow simple instructions and validate a few simple operations.
Basically, a true 24/7 service.

In this launch phase, the service is linked to the rental of truck-mounted platforms that can be used with a B driving license, and commercial vehicles, such as trucks with fixed and tipper bodies, with cranes, double cabs.

The service is already active in some centres, but the company’s goal is to extend “Do it yourself – Rental 24/7” to the entire Mollo’s network in Italy.

The advantages for the user starts from the “open all day” availability for the collection and return of rent vehicles, for maximum operational freedom.

However, the traditional “pluses” of Mollo Noleggio should not be forgotten, such as the quality level, the reliability and variety of the vehicle fleet, the digitization and speed of the procedures, the clear and advantageous insurance coverage, and much more.

Finally, those who rent a vehicle from the Mollo fleet know they have the guarantee of always finding it sanitized, perfectly maintained and in excellent condition, for maximum operational efficiency. The fleet is extremely “young”, an important aspect, since a “new” vehicle means safety and reliability: this is the result of a policy of constant investments and frequent introduction of new machines and equipment.

“Do It Yourself – Rental 24/7” is the most recent, concrete example of how Mollo continues to innovate in a digital way.

In fact, the company led by the brothers Mauro and Roberto Mollo is back to proposing an innovative project based on the use of new digital technologies.

The Mollo Group stands out on the Italian scene for its dynamism towards growth, for constant investments in customer service, for the continuous renewal of its fleet of machines and for its attention to technological innovation.

The Mollo Noleggio APP, launched in 2021, was designed to simplify the customer rental experience. Easy to use, comfortable and safe, it guarantees a user experience rich in features and with continuous implementations.

“Do it yourself – Rental 24/7” available via the App joins other services that Mollo Group has introduced in recent years, such as the digitization of rental documents and the digital signature of rental contracts, a solution that allows customers to sign a contract with a simple click from their smartphone, at any time and wherever they are, even on site.

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