Mollo Group: good results in 2018. Now we look to the future

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Mollo Group met on Saturday, February 23, 2019, to share the 2018 results and the 2019 goals.

Born in 1971, Mollo Group is specialised in renting and selling vehicles and industry, agriculture and building professional products.

The company counts 315 eomployees (49 more than previous year) and several offices that by the end of the 2019 will be 38. The offices are situated in 6 regions: Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Veneto.

During 2018 Mollo Group opened 3 new offices situated in Cologno, Livorno and Modena.

With more than 21.000 customers served, in 2018 the company registered an increase in overall revenues of 20,4%. The renting area has been leader with a growth of 25%.

The rental fleet, with a full range of aerial platform for works at heights, lifting machines, cranes, earth-moving machineries, trucks and construction machines, by the end of the 2019 will reach 7.900 units. Our fleet is one of the most complete and innovative in Italy.

Several areas have had positive results: rental with driver area, chemical toilets area, Mollogru, Mollo Steel and Mollo Store. The e-commerce represents a challenge started a few years ago, that is giving satisfactory results.

Also Mollo Training has shown very positive results: with 142 different kinds of courses, it issues licences for work equipment operators and in 2018 provided 654 courses and has trained 3.489 opetators for construction and industry machines.

The Mollo Group’s growth 2019 plan previews the purchase of new machines and vehicles, the opening of new offices and the employment of new people.

There will be news also in welfare field, with initiatives directed to the internal employees: they will benefit credits and bonus for school, health and recreational activities

At the end of the meeting, have taken place the awards for long periods of service.

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