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Mollo Group: we are experts in renting, and much more.

Mollo Group was born in the 1970s as a construction equipment wholesale warehouse at the innovative headquarters in Alba, Italy.

Today, the company is made up of over 300 employees and 38 offices spread over Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany.

Mollo Noleggio’s core business is rental, with a fleet of about 8000 vehicles: aerial platforms, lifting equipment, construction cranes, trucks, earth-moving machinery, construction vehicles, power generators, monoblocks, containers and portable chemical toilets.

Our fleets are amongst the largest in Italy and are extremely “young”, with an average age of 4.2 years (an important factor as we believe “new” means safety and reliability). We have cutting-edge equipment, made by the best manufacturers.

In the last few years Mollo Noleggio has decided to focus its attention on buying green vehicles that have zero or very low pollution gas emissions. These vehicles work with Lithium-ion batteries, electric or Euro 6 diesel engines, or with technologies to lower nitrogen oxide levels from gas emissions.

Mollo Group comprises the following departments:

  • Portable chemical toilet rental and purging services for construction sites and public or private events.
  • Equipment hire with operator.
  • Second-hand vehicle sales, guaranteed by the certification of the most important brands in the industry.
  • Mollo Training, which provides mandatory training courses for heavy-duty trucks. Since 2013 we have trained more than 15.000 operators.
  • Mollogru, which has more than 280 construction cranes for rent.
  • Mollo Building, that counts more than 20.000 products (construction gear and materials, tools and hardware, protective clothing, safety devices, stairs, heating, air conditioning and dehumidification, stoves, boilers, pellet and wood, gardening tools and earth-moving equipment.
  • Mollo Store, the e-commerce division.
  • Mollo Steels, specialized in the manufacturing and sale of of rebars for reinforced concrete and production of preassembled cages, foundation piles and nets. Supported by technologically advanced machines that guarantee reduced processing times and high quality standards.


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